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Experience is the key component to success in anything but the simplest technology undertaking. It is one thing to learn about something from a textbook, and quite another thing to experience the thousands of nuances that make the difference between success and failure.  

Dale Oliver, President & Founder, with over 30 years of experience in the computer and technology industry, has experienced the things firsthand that make a project successful.

Proper planning and goal setting, well selected team members, employee buy-in and involvement on the front end, congruent management support, open and honest communication, and realistic timelines with well thought-out contingency plans are some of the many keys to a successful outcome. Careful attention to detail when managing and implementing the many processes is also imperative, but often overlooked. 

Mr. Oliver has also served in the capacity of consultant, advisory board member and invester in VIC Technology Venture Development, a technology business incubator that is changing the way businesses operate. VIC utilizes dynamic teams of professionals to manage startup companies and help them through the maze of decisions and processes that will significantly increase their chance of commercial success and viability.

Please take a moment to peruse Mr. Oliver's resume if you are interested in learning more about the specific experience he can bring to your organization.