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Is outsourcing basically just an admission that your company or department is incapable of performing a task? The answer can often be yes and no. But this is not necessarily a negative situation. In fact, many times outsourcing is an excellent option and less expensive than hiring full-time staff. Especially when considering the real cost of advertising, professional recruitment fees, training, benefits packages, payroll taxes, bonuses, incentive programs, employee turnover, etc. Not to mention the frustration, wasted time and expense if the new hire doesn't work out and must be terminated. 

Like it or not, you also end up paying full-time employees for unproductive activities such as e-mailing, chatting with coworkers, browsing the Internet, non-business telephone calls, fiddling with their computer when it isn't working correctly, etc. You also pay for down time when an employee is a good one, but isn't being fully utilized. Consultants are only paid for time spent on specific, well-defined tasks.

Below are examples illustrating circumstances that naturally lend themselves to outsourcing:

  • Your company has a skilled and experienced information technology department, but the department is swamped with work, and it makes sense to let them concentrate on doing their core duties well.
  • You need to be assured that a project will receive top priority. You realize that your current information technology department can't realistically meet these constraints on top of their current workload.
  • Your company doesn't have the technical staffing or resources required to meet all of your technology needs, but you don't have enough work to justify hiring a full-time employee.
  • You have experienced the frustration and expense of hiring technologists only to learn weeks or months later that they are incapable of performing in the required capacity, often having caused more harm than good.
  • There are not enough qualified technologists or technology managers to fill the open positions within your organization.
  • You have a competent information technology department, but don't have a manager capable of making sure the individual employees are being utilized efficiently.
  • You have competent technology managers, but you don't have a seasoned, experienced leader to lead them.

If you feel like it makes sense to outsource some or all of your technology needs, click here for some sage advice with our compliments.