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At Applied Computer Technology, our services revolve around getting the most out of your business by utilizing information systems by helping your organization leverage your current investment in computer hardware and software as much as possible before adding anything new.

Our business model is not product based. Our main product is really not a product at all, but a service. And that service is utilizing knowledge and experience to help businesses make intelligent decisions regarding the implementation of technology. Many companies already have most of the computing resources they need but just don't realize it.

We can help you assemble the individual puzzle pieces that make up your information systems strategy so that your company's associates can visualize, participate in, and be proud of the big picture they helped create.

Services offered typically include one or more of the following:

  • General technology consulting and expert advice
  • Coordinating and managing technology projects
  • Developing custom business software and websites
  • Replacing paper-based systems with computerized ones
  • Replacing labor-intensive processes with automated ones
  • Assessing current hardware and software systems
  • Designing intelligent hardware and software configurations
  • Strategizing ways to reduce expenses and increase efficiency
  • Functioning as an outsourced information systems department
  • Planning implementation of systems to maximize information retrieval